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a massively distributed operating system

Andromeda allows users to build massively distributed applications on heterogeneous, commodity hardware. It abstracts low level details such as file, task, and node management, and exposes a unified, distributed userspace. Users can share and install applications using a distributed package manager, and share computational resources by running other people’s tasks on their own personal cloud.

Here’s how you install androbots, a distributed intelligent assistant, on Andromeda:"androbots", (e, d) => { e : "installed!");

System Shortcuts

  • .? (This) Capsule Manual
  • .: <exp> Get the type of the following
  • .! <cmd> Pass to Unix (if hosted)
  • .@bots <exp> Consult androbots (if installed)

Distributed Applications

  • androbots – an interactive assistant
  • sexp – Ramanujan expander node overlay
  • http – a distributed http server
  • mdml – a markdown-to-html compiler

Further Reading

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